Discussion #4: Jumping To Conclusions About Shirley Sherrod

Discussion #3: Brand Loyalty–Brand and Price–Some examples

Discussion #2: Recent Dallas Police Issues

Discussion #1: Raymond T. Pronk

News Journal: Number 10, August 10, 2010: Pushing On A G-String–No Job Recovery And Declining Prices Results In Federal Reserve Buying Govenment Debt To Spur Economic Growth By Expanding Money Supply–Videos

News Journal: Number 09, August 9, 2010: President Obama’s Big Arrogant Lie On Immigration and Enforcement Of Immigration Laws–Back Door Amnesty For Illegal Aliens!–Aiding, Abetting and Promoting Crime In America–Obama Visits Two Sanctuary Cities–Austin and Dallas Texas!

News Journal: Number 08, August 6, 2010: Bush Obama Depression (BOD) Progressively Worsens With Over 25 Million Unemployed Americans–No Jobs Recovery On The Economic Time Horizon!–Videos

News Journal: Number 07, August 5, 2010–Federal Judge Rules California Proposition 8 Same Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional–Videos

News Journal: Number 06, August 3, 2010–Cordova Community Center With Mosque Approved For Ground Zero–Videos

News Journal: Number 05, July 26, 2010, Wikileaks and Julian Assange

News Journal: Number 04, July 24, 2010–Extend The Bush Tax Cuts

News Journal: Number 03, July 21, 2010, Journolist & Media Malice–The Liberal Progressive Media Conspiracy To Elect Barack Obama!–Videos

News Journal: Number 02–July 18, 2010 Unemployment Benefit Extension and Raising Taxes

News Journal:Number 01– July 15, 2010–Federal Funding of Abortion Loophole–Does A Presidential Executive Order Trump Federal Law–No!

Unit 6–Part 2-Careers in Advertising

Unit 5, Part 1–Ethics in Advertising

Unit 4, Part 2 Princ. Of Advertising

Unit 4, Part 1 Princ. Of Advertising

Unit 3_Part 3, An Advertising Campaign For A New Political Party

Unit 3 Part II, Assignment 3, Part 1, Wal Mart SWOT

Unit 3, Part II, Assignment 3b, Part 2

Unit 3, Part I, The Advertising Campaign

Unit 2 Part 2 Modern and Traditional Advertising Techniques.

Unit 2 Part 2 Platforms of Advertising

Unit 2 Advertising–History of Advertising

History of Advertising–Videos

Advertising Handout 1

Chapter 10–Advertising


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