News Journal: Number 35, December 1, 2010: The Audacity of Grope: A TSA Exposé–Progressive Pervert Petulent Prevaricating President–Must View Video!

News Journal: Number 34, November 12, 2010: TSA–Thousands Standing Around To Trained Sexual Assaulters To Tyrants Scanning Americans–Videos

News Journal: Number 33, November 9, 2010: Tea Party Movement Expects Republican Party To Balance The Budget By Cutting Spending Now!

News Journal: Number 32, November 3, 2010:Federal Reserve Monetizes U.S. Government Treasury Debt By Printing Money–Quantitative Easing (QE2)–Devalues U.S Currency–Banks Steal American People’s Purchasing Power!

News Journal: Number 31, November 3, 2010: Tea Party Tidal Wave Falls and Rises–Videos

News Journal: Number 30, November 2, 2010: Dump Democrats–Vote–Remember Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day–Trust But Verify–Videos

News Journal: Number 29, October 26, 2010: American People’s No Confidence Voting Wave Wipes Out Democrats–It’s The Economy Stupid!–Videos

News Journal: Number 28, October 16, 2010: The Obama Depression Deepens–Federal Reserve Executes–QE II Plan–”Operation Pawnshop”–$2,500 Billion In Quantitative Easing–Money Printing–Will It Be Enough?

News Journal: Number 27, October 16, 2010: Cracking Communist Chinese Currency–Float The Yuan/RBN or Devalue Your Currency Via U.S. Dollar 10% Per Year For Next Five Years Or Face U.S. Import Ban–No Pressure–Your Choice–Videos

News Journal: Number 26, October 15, 2010: Printing More Money (Quantitative Easing) and The Coming Currency War and Decline In The Purchasing Power of The U.S. Dollar–Robbing The American People–Videos

News Journal: Number 25, October 6, 2010: 2012 Presidential Race: Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton vs. Newt Gingrich/Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul/Christine O’Donnell–The Times Are A Changin’–Videos

News Journal: Number 24, October 5, 2010: President Obama’s Massive Tax Hikes Will Wreck The Economy, Destroy More Jobs and Kill The American Dream–Stop Stupidity, Spending, and Socialism!–Videos

News Journal: Number 23, October 4, 2010: The Progressive Radical Socialists Method of Cutting Carbon Emissions–Kill Those Who Disagree With You–No Pressure–Your Choice–The Big Lie–Video

News Journal: Number 22, September 30, 2010: Tony Curtis Dies At 85 At Home In Henderson, Nevada–Vidoes

News Journal: Number 21, September 28, 2010, Breaking News–Shooting At University of Texas Campus–Videos

News Journal: Number 20, September 24, 2010: Eddie Fisher Dies At 82–Videos

News Journal: Number 19, September 23, 2010:Republicans’ “A Pledge To America”–A Good Start Or A Missed Opportunity–Videos

News Journal: Number 18, September 21, 2010:National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Declares The Longest Post World War II Recession Over In June 2009–Over 25 Million Americans Still Looking For Full Time Job In September 2010!

News Journal: Number 17, September 21, 2010: Black Veteran Mother Exhausted Defending President Obama–Diagnosis: Barack Attitude Disorder (BAD)–Remedy: Stop Defending Him!

News Journal: Number 16, September 20, 2010: Tea Party Looking For Their Amazing Mrs. Pritchard–Fear and Trembling of Democratic and Republican Establishments

News Journal: Number 15, September 18, 2010: Shariah The Threat To America, An Exercise In Competitive Analysis, Report of Team ‘B’ II–Videos

News Journal: Number 14, September 17, 2010: Political Correctness, The Mosque At Ground Zero, and Stealth Jihad–Videos

News Journal: Number 13, September 17, 2010:Rove and Krauthammer–Republican Operative and Pundit Are Wrong Over O’Donnell Chances–Videos

News Journal: Number 12, September 17, 2010: The Buckley, Limbaugh, and Pronk Rules–Videos

News Journal: Number 11, September 17, 2010:In Your Heart You Know Christine O’Donnell Is Right and Karl Rove Is Wrong

Adobe Audition 2.0 and 3.0–Videos

Chapter 6–Radio


Physics and Psychophysics of Sound–Videos

Acoustics and Psychacoustics–Videos


Consoles and Control Surfaces–Videos


Synchronization And Transfers–Videos

Signal Processors–Videos

Loudspeakers and Monitoring–Videos

Internet Audio Production

Sound Design–Videos


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